08. Self Development 100

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This course will begin to point you in the field of SOE service that interests you, as well as give you a clue as to what your career choice could be.  This is learning to serve the Ministry and yourself in one or more areas.

Even though you may already feel a leaning more to one area, you are still required to take all the lessons because they will help you as a leader of your own small group Cluster.  The following course Self Development 101 is mainly elective courses that strengthen the area you wish to serve under in the ministry.

Some of the fields we cover here are Leadership, Theology, Group Psychology, Event Coordinating, and Philanthropy.


  • You could receive your Event Planner Badge
  • You could receive your Public Speaker Badge
  • You could receive your Counselor Badge
  • You could receive your Mentor Badge
  • You could receive your Leadership Badge
  • You could receive your Philanthropist Badge

Recognition points:


Lessons in this course: