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Welcome to the Sorority of the Spirit of Esther.  Please see the sections of our website.


This is our online learning portal, and here you will be able to log in and take all our lessons.  Aside from the wealth of knowledge, you will gain, you’ll get attractive certificates when you pass special courses, and your progress will be tracked and notified by digital badges which you will receive as you qualify for its achievement.  Digital badges are a new way to mark achievements and don’t forget to create a Backpack Account where you will store all your online badges including the ones you will earn from us.  We will issue more than 15 digital badges, make sure you qualify for them.  Create your Backpack Account here!


Our forum is where you can get support from other members on all aspects of the Sorority.  You can get support for courses and lessons, and while you navigate through the forum, you’ll earn higher rankings the more active you are.  You will be awarded points in our learning portal and gems in our forum and for different tasks you complete.  The more gems and points, the more rewards.


Well, what is an Academy without a campus playground!  Our Campus Social is exactly like Facebook!  You set up a profile, make posts, like posts, share videos and pictures, and even follow and private message other students.  This is obviously where all the fun takes place and we are happy to see all the exciting things our students will share.  But like Facebook, we have rules.  No offensive posting, no racial or political remarks, and no expletives and nudity.  Remember we are a Christian-based organization and we have to maintain our ethics.  We want this to be a safe area where everyone can play.

This complete website is reserved only for official members of the Sorority and not to the public.


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