2. Defining Myself

Defining Myself

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Defining Myself

This course is the second course before you go into the more complexed courses.  This is because it is first important for you to get to know a little information about yourself and understand more about who you are, laying a foundation on which you can begin building up yourself.  More in-depth learning on Defining yourself will follow in later courses.

Here you will define certain basic things like your learning style, your personality type, your decor style, even creating your family tree… simple things like those starts the journey to defining who you are, and this information will help with how you progress in the Academy and how you relate to others.

More in-depth lessons in other courses following will allow you to look back a little into your past for the knowledge of where you came from and your ethnicity, this helps you understand more about why you do some things the way you do and why you are more into certain things more than other things.

At this level, you will also be given some validation, and digital badges will mark each time you discover something new about yourself.  One could take a look at your badges and have an idea of the person you are from the part of you they represent.  This is a great way to start defining and building yourself up.  This is a very exciting course!



  • Personality type badge
  • Personality type readout sheet
  • Learning style badge
  • Self Discovery badge – get at least a B+ in this course
  • Invitation to join private groups of your personality and learning type so you can meet other like members.

Recognition points:



2 thoughts on “2. Defining Myself

  1. These assessment are really giving you an insight of Who You Are. You have to be true to yourself and answer the questions correctly. When you learn to accept who you really are, the true you, it is easier to relate to others.

    I am enjoying knowing the real mine.

    Come on guys, let’s all get onboard and meet the ‘true us’……

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