Discipleship 103 – Bearing Fruit

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    Bearing Fruit in God’s Family
    Book 3


    Bear fruit for a lifetime through the life-giving habits of Bible reading, prayer, and evangelism. Learn to prioritize and balance them as you blend them together into a unified whole. Combined with the practices and knowledge you gained in books one and two of The 2:7 Series, Bearing Fruit in God’s Family will help you connect everything together: studying, meditating on, and memorizing Scripture, and identifying personally with Jesus. Together, these skills will nourish your soul for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.


    Your reward(s) upon completing this course:

    • The Discipleship Badge
    • A digital and physical certificate in Discipleship
    • Invitation to join the private group of your peers so you can meet other members in your new family.
    • Recognition points:
      • Theology Points – GRADES: [B+ 15]  |  [A 20]  |  [A+ 25]

    Lessons in this course

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