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Organizing for Event Planning

I need you to plan a very simple event, a few examples are going out to dinner, having your friends over for dinner, visiting a friend… you decide.  I need you to plan the experience from start to finish using the following guide.
  1. IDEA – Decide what type of event you are planning
  2. RESEARCH:  Contemplate things like the weather, dress code, cost, etc.
  3. BRAINSTORM:  Decide on some details such as:Venue:  Where it will take place
    • Date and Time
    • Who will attend
    • What will be the general theme and/or program
  4. PLAN:
    • Delegate – who may help you to put the event together/plan.
    • The timeline or program of the events or experiences to be had at the event
    • The vendors – people who you need to hire or to provide a service to you for the event
    • Outline the budget of what it will cost to put the event together
    • Decor – Will your event need to be dressed up?  What will it look like?
    • Invitees – Will you need to invite persons to the event.  Create the invitation list and create invitations
    • Using all the information you gathered above, it is now the big day, it is time to execute the event.  Based on how you have planned the event, you will know how well you have done by how the event is executed from setting it up until the end.
  6. POST MORTEM MEETING:  The post–mortem meeting is an open forum that is run at the conclusion of a project, where you, your team, and your clients can identify and analyze all aspects related to the project’s lifecycle.
    • After an event is over, the final and most important thing to do is to go over the details and planning of an event, with your team if you had one, and decide what aspects of the event was successful, and what was not successful, and what went well but could be improved on.  Now is the time for honest feedback.
    • From the feedback, create a list of the successes, they will be repeated for your next event.
    • Make a list of the failures, then decided on what could be done to fix it, you will have this information for your next event to not repeat that mistake.
    • Make a list of the areas that went well, and decide if their is any room for growth or improvement.
    • From all the feedback and notes from the Post Mortem meeting, you will have created a working template for your next event that will bring you closer to a more successful event.
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