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Defining Myself

1. Lady of Honor

Ladies of Honor!!! Honor   High respect, as that shown for special merit.  High rank. Principled uprightness of character.  personal integrity; allegiance to moral principles. Gem: Amethyst  Considered a wisdom Stone.… Read More »1. Lady of Honor

1. Lady of Class

Ladies of Class!!! Class   A person who is poised, graceful, mature, or exudes any of these qualities in dress, mannerism, language, and everyday life. Possesses excellent self-control, is gentle, soothing, and… Read More »1. Lady of Class

1. Lady of Grace

Ladies of Grace!!! Grace   One who is the recipient of God’s mercy; His grace.  Simple elegance or refinement of movement.  Pleasant manner and pleasing in spirit.  Appreciative, Elegance, finesse and… Read More »1. Lady of Grace

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