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Building My Profession

Download the pdf document Profession builder worksheet Carefully and thoughtfully think of the questions each of the columns is asking and write in up to your top best 5 answers below each of them. You may be one of the persons who are so good at more than five things, but we want you to become more defining, so you need to focus on your top five picks in each category. You may need a separate paper to write down everything you want to if they are more than five answers to each column, then transfer the ones you know to be the top five to the sheet. After you have filled in your answers, we want you to begin to rate each answer you have written down. But first you need to tally how many answers you wrote in each column to determine the grade for each item you wrote in each column. For example, let’s say for the first column of things you have a skill to do, you wrote down 3 answers. Then to the right of each answer in that first column, you must rate it with a 1, 2, or 3, with 3 being the highest score and one being the least to determine which of the three you are best at to which you have the lowest qualification at. Do that with all three columns. Then follow the instructions at the bottom of the sheet   SUBMISSION:
  1. When you have finally determined what your Professional focus is, write it down in the Assignment Word Processor below and submit this assignment. You can also upload your assignment as a file.
  2. You will then be required to join a zoom live class to go through this exercise before receiving your final grade, so we can ensure you have made the correct decision, or help you further if you still could not decide.

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