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Creating My Family Tree

  1. Create your Family Tree at:  Family Echo
  2. Make it up to 3 generations back (great grandparents) and as many generations below you as you like.
Fill your tree with the following info.  Show…:
  • Your Great Grandparents (the parents of your grandparents) – optional
  • Your Grandparents (Both your parents parents) – mandatory
  • Your Parents – mandatory
  • All your parent’s children (your siblings including half siblings) – mandatory
  • Yourself and your spouse/partner – if any spouse/partner or your children’s father – if any
  • Both you and your spouse’s children (include your spouse children only if you are both married even if the children are not biologically yours.  And if you are not married, only list the children you both have biologically together. – if any
  • All of those children children (grandchildren) – if any
  • All the children of those grandchildren (your great grandchildren) – if any
Please make sure to include all names if possible and pictures as well.  No pictures will result in a much lower grade. Please indicate if a person is deceased in the name if possible. _____________________________________________________________ SUBMISSION:
  1. Please follow the instructions carefully above, and when you have completed your family tree, simply comment below in the Assignment Word Processor that you are completed and submit to be graded. 
  2. Share your family tree with us by using the “print tree” option at the bottom of the family tree page and create a pdf version of your tree. Then use the upload option below to upload the file and send to us.

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